Why Preserve the Park?

Fog in Bert Flinn Park

Veronica S. – “It’s an island of peace in a busy city.”

 Why I love Bert Flinn Park – Verbatims from Petition Signers

When people sign our online petition, we give them an opportunity to say why Bert Flinn Park matters to them.  Most respondents skip this optional question, but some add a comment or two.  What follows is just one small subset of the verbatims that our petition has received. They illustrate how much passion the public feels for keeping Bert Flinn Park intact as a nature park, for the enjoyment of all generations, now and long into the future.


  • William C. (teen) – “I go mountain biking there with my friends all the time. Also it is a forest for my school and we do activities in Bert Flinn Park all the time.”


  • Peter C. – “It’s the place where our community connects in nature.”


  • Veronica S. – “It’s an island of peace in a busy city.”


  • Sandra F. – “Bert Flinn Park is a jewel in Port Moody’s crown. Frequently, you’ll find me walking or riding my bike along the trails, it’s truly my “happy place”.”


  • Eustina M. – “We live in Hett Creek Drive and our house borders Bert Flinn Park. The road will be a noisy intrusion into a tranquil environment which we enjoy so much – a lot of people come to walk in the park. There is also lots of wildlife whose habitat will be greatly disturbed.”


  • Tyler B. – “Bert Flinn Park is the largest and most natural park space in Port Moody. Council had to struggle between development and parks to create it in the first place and it’s become one of the crown jewels of Port Moody. Now development money is trying to bully it’s way in again to force what will become a busy road through the middle of our beautiful park. Leave Bert Flinn Park natural, safe for animals and automobile free.”


  • Tanner S. – “You cannot undo the damage people are proposing to the lungs of your very community.”


  • Engin T. – “It is the best part of my 15 km walking route. I do not want to lose it.”


  • Westside entry to Bert Flinn Park from April Road

    Westside entry to Bert Flinn Park from April Road

    Sophia M. – “It is a great place to connect with nature and find inner peace. It is good for hikers, dog walkers and mountain bikers. It feeds the soul.”


  • Yousif A. – “It’s become like a sanctuary to many people.”


  • Lisa D. – “It is beautiful and i enjoy walking in the forest, as well as the wildlife.”


  • Kim W. – “Bert Flinn is my ‘go to’ place for rejuvenating and breathing in the fresh forest air. The minute I enter the peace and tranquility of the trails my shoulders relax, the breath deepens and my senses awake to the nature around me. Bert Flinn has been a place of wonderful memories with family (including the four legged furry type!) and friends. A place of conversation and re-connection to self, to other and to nature.”


  • Shawna C. – “It’s the most beautiful place in the heart of Port Moody. It’s lovely for dog owners, walkers, riders and for all ages to enjoy the outdoors. We must protect this beautiful environment and the wildlife that comes with it!.”


  • Anthony G. (teen) – “Mountain biking, and its one of the last good places that hasn’t been developed away.”


  • Richard K. – “As an avid hiker, dog owner, naturalist and park interpreter I see the construction of this road as a big mistake. The impact it will have on the flora and fauna and the people who use the park is unacceptable.”


  • Paige M. (teen) – “It is where my school does their learning(science, p.e, music, & explorations) it would change the whole dynamic of learning which would be a true shame.”


  • Autumn in Bert Flinn Park

    Autumn in Bert Flinn Park

    Nadia L. (under 13) – “I run through Bert Flynn all the time. Bert Flynn is my dog park and everybody i know loves it. We would be very upset if anything happened.”


  • Sharon G. – “Because I run these trails 3-4x/wk. It is my sanctuary and it is a sacred place for all that use it. It is one of the last few park trails of its kind.”


  • Ross M. – “I enjoy the peace and serenity of the park when walking my dog.”


  • Kyler A. (teen) – “It’s a place of many memories for me and my friends!”


  • Rik C. – “I use it for running and walking, twice weekly.”


  • Steve N. – “What’s not to love?!”


  • Jina C. (teen) – “It’s always been there. It’s where we locals take walks with friends and family and even with our pets. Many criticize logging in the Amazon yet some are ready to let this happen to Bert Flinn (although it’s not logging we still are going to cut trees). Save the trees, save the park.”


  • Christina C. – “Gorgeous, peaceful, accessible, dog friendly.”


  • Karolina D. – “Our family (kids and dogs) love to walk through the park. The kids love exploring all the beautiful nature around them and the dogs love it as well.”


  • Bryan J. – “I have been running in Bert Flinn Park now going on five years. Since moving to the Pleasantside area, I have been blessed with the ability to run for more than an hour on pristine single track trails connecting the ocean to Heritage Mountain, Anymore, and even Eagle Mountain, seldom repeating sections of trail. The dog walkers, mountain bikers and other runners I meet on my runs often share a smile and a moment of mutual good fortune at what we have to enjoy so close to our homes. From anywhere in Port Moody and most of Coquitlam, the lush hillside of Bert Flinn, stretching nearly uninterrupted toward the Eagle Ridge, is a visible reminder of the community to which I am proud to belong. Friends visiting from overseas, back east, or elsewhere in the Lower Mainland are always impressed with the wonders of our surrounding green space, and I fear for the lack of vision such developments forecast. All around my neighbourhood, houses are demolished in favour of massive, view-blocking palaces; fences go up and entry points to our various parks are limited as individuals and developers seize what was once common to all. Striking a road through Bert Flinn feels to me much more of the same: damaging that which makes Port Moody special, and taking something that belongs to all of us for the benefit of a few. I implore the city council to reconsider this tragic development in a beloved park that speaks to what truly makes Port Moody the community it is.”


  • Hal W. – “If David Way goes through the part to service the Imperial Oil Properties in Port Moody and Anmore it will result in a huge increase in density in both Port Moody and Anmore – probably towers.”


  • Ben G. – “An amazing recreational space within the tri-cities that caters for hikers , dog walkers and cyclists among many.”


  • Tess B. (teen) – “It’s such an escape, and having it so close to my school is awesome :).”


  • Wildflowers in Bert Flinn Park.

    Wildflowers in Bert Flinn Park.

    Pouyan A. – “I Want to help in anyway i can. they WILL NOT build this roadway!”


  • Richard M. – “I grew up in Port Coquitlam and I love Bert Flinn because its an awesome park with great trails and the ability to get away from the city and into nature without the distraction of cars.”


  • Dino B. – “I’ve lived in the area for 7 years now, and Bert Flinn’s trails have always been my first choice for my running outings. Beautiful park enjoyed by many people and dogs alike. We can’t let this happen.”


  • Ryan F. (under 13) – “I love taking walks, biking and playing in that area with my friends.”


  • David K. – “My family lives beside Bert Flinn park. We moved here for the quiet beautiful forest and exposure to wildlife. We walk through the park every day and our daughter will soon be walking through the park to go to Eagle Mountain Middle school and later the high school beside it. Obviously, a road through the heart of Bert Flinn would destroy the beautiful sanctuary it offers animals and people alike, and would no longer make it safe for hundreds of students to walk to school each day.”


  • Parla A. (teen) – “I love taking my dog on walks there so he can run around and be free without worrying about cars.”


  • Christian F. – “It’s a beautiful and pristine one of a kind park that’s very dear to me and everyone else in the area.”


  • Sara S. – “We adore our park at the end of April Road. We’ve raised our 3 kids (2,4,9 years old) on April Road and the nature, walking trails and off leash dog park was a huge reason why we decided to buy our house. It’s extremely hard being home all day(in the rain a lot) with a very busy family life. Having an outdoor area to just run free, walk to school, ride bikes, hike with Grandma, let the dog loose is PRICELESS and CRITICAL for everyone’s mental health and physical wellness.”


  • Nathan M. – “A beautiful place, I have ridden my bike, run, walked the dog and gone for nature walks here. Too amazing of a place to let it go. Save Bert Flinn Park!”


  • Richard K. (teen) – “I go to Bert Flinn Park to walk my dog and to go for runs. It is the backyard of heritage and it shall not be destroyed for “houses and traffic reasons”. It is also homes for many animals and plants, therefore for the sake of global warming Bert Flinn Park must stay.”


  • Caara M. – “Bert flinn park is an amazing gem of an ecosystem that must, must be kept intact, as it is, this 21st of june, 2016. I am a homeowner of port moody who uses this park daily. Thank you.”


  • An unspoiled jewel of Port Moody's park system, let's protect Bert Flinn Park for the enjoyment of many future generations to come.

    An unspoiled jewel of Port Moody’s park system, Bert Flinn is enjoyed year-round as a refuge from city life.

    Colin B. – “I walk my dog here at least twice per week for the last 4 years. It is a beautiful walk, one of mine and my dogs favorites. So peaceful and full of nature. I use it as therapy I’m always smiling by the end of my walk, the trees bring great clean oxygen. This is truly a special place. Would be an absolute tragedy to build through it. I’m saddened to hear that this is now an issue.”


  • Brian N. – “I like to use this park frequently for peaceful and leisurely walks away from noise and traffic.”


  • Joel W. – “Its so lush and serene!!!Please don’t get rid of one of my favourite parks! My dog buffy and scrooge will be ever so sad :(!”


  • Julian W. – “One of my favorite walks with pets and friends, in that order.”


  • Deb J. – “My kids and dog love the park.”


  • Gayle A. – “Bert Flinn has one of the ONLY off leash dog trails in the tricities! Its an essential feature for PoMo and nearby Coq residents. Every single day developers are destroying green space for ease or profit and its just plain immoral.”


  • Heather M. – “I’m a parent of humans and a dog. We love to walk in the park and because it’s close to home, it’s so easy for us to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature. Being close to nature is what makes Port Moody so special. Please put the wants of a few greedy developers aside and cater to the people that live and work in the community.”


  • Suzanne S. – “Trees Peace Nature Animals Walking”


  • Monica H. – “I take my dog and children there almost everyday. It would be absolutely devastating to see this beautiful piece of earth disappear.”


  • Kari M. – “Bert Flinn park holds a special place in my heart because it was where my young children learned to overcome their fear of dogs. I take them there on a regular basis to interact with families with dogs and broaden their knowledge of different breeds and staying safe but still open to interactions with these beautiful creatures. This gorgeous natural teaching environment has helped to create a better understanding of not only dogs but of the wonderful nature in which we live in. Thank you Bert Flinn!”


  • Erin K. – “We have to protect this ecological reserve within our community – traffic flow positioning doesn’t trump the need to protect this park within our community.”


  • Anne C. – “We call it the enchanted forest. Please don’t distroy this park. It’s vital to our community and the only nice off leash area in town.”


  • Mountain bike race in Bert Flinn Park. The proposed roadway would cut right across the key bike trails.

    Mountain bike race in Bert Flinn Park. The proposed roadway would cut right across the key bike trails.

    Eric C. – “It is our backyard and part of our home. It is enjoyed by the entire family and other families. It does what a park should do – bring families and communities together! These precious gems are foundation for strong thriving communities like Port Moody.”


  • Randy C. – “Burt Flinn park is a wonderful place for people to enjoy nature. It is priceless legacy that can’t be replaced. It should not be compromised to allow a company to make profit.”


  • Robin F. – “We love this place, family walks, taking the dogs up there and it must be saved because it’s an important part of what makes Port Moody awesome!!”


  • Kathleen S. – “We lived for many years on Elsdon Bay and used the park extensively-as a park. Bert Flinn Park also acts as a water sink: winter rain and water accumulations are enormous; Bert Flinn absorbs and slows a tremendous amount of this water. A road will accumulate water, gather speed and overwhelm storm sewers that are already at capacity during extreme weather. Potential damage, residential flooding (not covered by insurance as water egress) could see litigation directed at the City of Port Moody. Bert Flinn is the Stanley Park of the tri-cities – how shortsighted to throw this away.”


  • Sandi M. – “I had the chance to hike the Bert Flinn Park when I was visiting BC and fell in love with it’s beauty. Please save this wonderful Park. Hope to visit the park again one day.”


  • Veronica B. – “Bert Flinn is a beautiful Park that I use frequently with my dogs, friends and family. Running, walking or biking it is worth preserving for our community.”


  • Michael P. – “I grew up walking and biking through the forests of Heritage Mountain. Slowly over the years the areas where this is possible have decreased, and turned into roads and residential areas. Now one of the few places left is Bert Flinn park. It would be a sad day to see it ruined with a road running through.”


  • Tracy M. – “A beautiful peaceful trail that should definitely be preserved for the future. People need a place of solace from the busy, developed area. Leave it alone!”


  • Jeff P. – “I live at SFU , my son lives in Anmore, we go for many walks in the park.”


  • Declan M. (under 13) – “I want to save Bert flinn park because my dad and I really like mountan biking in the trails in the park. Also,I think it would be really annoying for the people who lived around the park to hear all the noise from the road. SAVE BERT FLINN!!!”


  • Late-day light in Bert Flinn Park.

    Late-day light in Bert Flinn Park.

    Mark W. – “I love the park because as a jogger and hiker I love to surround myself with large forests and nature as I go along. It provides an abundant amount of pleasant scenery and serves as a prime example of man and nature living together in harmony.”


  • Emil Z. – “I go to Bert Flinn park for a walk, hike or bike ride on regular basis. It is a gem well worth preserving!!!”


  • Alexander C. – “One of the best dog off-leash areas in the lower mainland, great area for riding bikes and for running. A quick escape into nature that needs to be preserved.”


  • Lyn D. – “For quiet walks and seeing families and dogs enjoying this very well used natural green space.”


  • Ransmeet M. – “Bert Flinn park is an iconic section of our community. Not only do I go there every weekend but anyone that has gone to Heritage woods has spent a better part of their years having to do the “forest run” there during gym class. Bert Flinn park is not only beautiful but it displays Port Moodys’ value of the environment and it provides an easy area for all to exercise.”


  • Sheri D. – “I love to run, walk and cycle through the park. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.”


  • Lisa S. – “I find peace there and enjoy walks and bike rides with friends.”


  • Kayla B. – “I take my dog there almost every day.”


  • Jesse P. – “I walk the trails everyday after work. It sets my mind at ease after a long day, the last thing I need is to hear and see cars driving through the park. Please keep the park as is.”


  • Chad B. – “I live close to Bert Flinn Park and hike through the park occasionally. Building a road through the park will ruin the beauty and tranquility of the park. This must be stopped!”


  • Summer L. – “I have lived in port moody for 18 years and this park has always been a favorite trail of mine. I appreciate how peaceful it is and it’s always a fabulous running spot.”


  • Ian T. – “The wildlife especially the salamanders.”


  • Christina K. – “I go for a run there and it’s great. My dog loves going to the park and enjoy fresh air. There are not only plants, there are animals like coyotes and bears and dear. We’ve already taken away so much of their habitat. Let’s not do any more.”


  • Art M. (teen) – “I believe nature should be kept as it is and left for people to enjoy, it is part of the world no one has the right to destroy beauty.”


  • IMG_7536 (3)

    Bert Flinn Park is home to sensitive wetlands for tree frogs, salamanders, and red-legged frogs, an at-risk species.

    Gernot W. – “I love to hike, and mountain bike in this park. I share this passion with countless other people in, and near this park. A busy paved road would ruin this gem of a park for many generations to come. We should not compromise this park for the convenience of development!”


  • Colin H. – “It’s a beautiful park to walk year round with my family.”


  • Regula W. – “A busy road through the middle of the park would spoil the tranquility and enjoyment of a sorely needed nature refuge for families and wildlife.”


  • Susannah S. – “Beautiful ‘naturally’ Park nearest to Port Moody centre, with lovely hiking trails and some really good mountain bike trails.”


  • Sonia T. – “It is beautiful and I use it regularly walking my dogs. We need Bert Flinn to keep a heathy balance of development and nature. People live here for the nature, does the Hong Kong developer understand this??”


  • Paul C. – “Mountain Biking.”


  • Debbie H. – “I love the park because it is a fabulous, tranquil location to walk my dog, meet other outdoor enthusiasts enjoying nature and on occasion have the privilege is seeing wildlife and hearing the sounds of the frogs!!!”


  • Teresa R. – “Hiked in the area since 1986. Every day.”


  • Kevin P. – “Bert Flinn Park is enjoyed by our entire family. We frequently walk and mountain bike in the park all year around. It is truly a unique treasure in the Port Moody community, and should be preserved for our future generations.”


  • Kim V. – “I love the smells, the sights, the sounds. I love the nature walks we take as a family. I love that my son and his school friends have a place to do their cross country runs away from the traffic and noise and cement. I love having an escape right out my door.”


  • Chad F. – “Used to live in Port Moody but wanted a house. So due to the housing prices I had to move to Pitt meadows. I used to run and walk my dog through Bert Flynn daily. So peaceful. Where are all these people coming from that need all this infrastructure. Something tells me they’re not paying for it with income tax dollars!?”


  • Sandra W. – “It’s s a place where I meet friends to start and finish countless mtn bike rides, a corridor that leads to other trail networks in the area. It’s also home to great trails that are perfect for a quick spin or run. They have hosted high school bike races, local club races, and are ideal for kids and new mountain bikers. The sport is growing quickly and has been recognized by BC communities and government as a huge and valuable tourism resource (just look at nearby outdoor rec boom town Squamish)! Paving over this park would be irreversible and a tragic loss of a priceless resource.”


  • Jin Soo K. – “Please do keep my family’s peace. I love the present of my Bert Flinn Park.”


  • A quiet glade in Bert Flinn Park

    A quiet glade in Bert Flinn Park

    Yang S. – “I moved here because of Bert Flinn Park. I love trees, fresh air, walking with family. will the city be able to construct the big bridge from Anmore to Deep Cove?”


  • Dana S. – “It’s my favorite park. There is something for everyone (wildlife included) from bike trails, paths for the athletes, space for the dog walkers. It’s my little piece of serenity.”


  • Mikael D. – “I have many cherished memories there and love having flourishing green space in my community.”


  • Larry D. – “I jog here very often and when I stop to rest there is nothing more satisfying then to hear the sounds of nature and look up the magnificent forest and the blue sky above.”


  • Mark B. – “It’s beautiful and tranquil area in an otherwise house filled district.”


  • Cindy C. – “I’ve been taking my dogs for walks there for years . I meet so many people from the tricity area . It’s a community park and is loved by all.”


  • Tori T. – “I live right near this park and visit the trails almost every week in the summer. It is home to so much wildlife as well as brings so much joy to the people who visit it.”


  • Devon D. – “This is where I take my dog for a walk and to take an hour of any stressful days to enjoy a run that is close to home, while feeling secluded in such a busy city. This park is something that I brag about when travelling, that paradise is steps from my backyard.”


  • Claire C. – “I signed your petition at the City Council meeting last night. My question is: can we count on this groups support to prevent further high-rise development in Inlet Centre. Those of us who live in that area feel that all Port Moody Residents must band together to make sure that our neighborhoods are not dominated by the visions of developers who wont be living here and don’t care about liveability, just $$$$$$.”


  • Mackenzie K. (teen) – “It’s such a beautiful and nice environment and a way to escape reality for a bit.”


  • Christine C. – “This is such a beautiful area, even though we don’t frequent Bert Flynn Park, we do frequent the area west of us – we live above Ioco Road and have noticed an increase in traffic over 3 years – any full community being built at the west end of Ioco will have terrible implications on Ioco road traffic.”


  • Damian R. – “This is a great part of nature where people can walk their dogs, bike or just enjoy a nice quiet walk.”


  • Alex H. – “I love having a beautiful, large, natural park to enjoy with my family that is so close to our home. We just moved into the area about a year ago, and it’s quickly become one of favourite amenities in the community. It would be awful to lose it.”


  • Maria S. – “This is the most beautiful trail, it’s so tranquil and the beauty is breathtaking , after a long day of a stressful day at work , I look forward to getting home getting my dog and going for a beautiful walk in the trail, I feel once I enter that trail I feel all the stress is left behind , it’s amazing experience for both myself and my doggy, We must all stand together and fight to save our beautiful Bert Flinn park.”
  • Nathan M. – “Bert Flinn Park was one of the places where I first learned to mountain bike nine years ago. I spent a lot of time there with some of my closest friends and have many fond memories associated with my time on the trails. I want future generations to be able to enjoy the same experience I did in the park.”


  • Gerry G. – “I use the park daily for exercise and relaxation. The quietness of the park is one of the most pleasant aspects which is hard to find in urban parks. This would be destroyed by a busy road.”


  • Genevieve L. – “I went to Heritage Woods Secondary, the X-Country team practiced and ran through there, it was a path followed to many friends homes, it is important to preserve the forests and trails in the over-urban landscape today. Does EVERYTHING NEED to be developed?! No!”


  • Makenna L. – “It’s a beautiful park! It’s a nice place for people to get exercise or a nice place to film for a movie. People can go their when they need alone time and its such a calming environment to just breathe in. And for people who walk through it to get home, its such a nice sight to see instead of busy streets, and some people walk through it to get home even if its “the longer way”. To be honest, it’s one of my favourite things about Port Moody, this beautiful forest that we have. Why would we want to tear it down? Why would we want to ruin this beautiful canvas of colour for another black and white photo?”


  • To add some fun, one Park lover decorates trees along the trail at holiday time.

    To add some fun, one Park lover decorates trees along the trail at holiday time.

    Jackie K. – “It’s a nice and peaceful place to walk through in the middle of our neighbourhood where there isn’t another forested trail near. It’s great to run through and walk your dogs through. My family takes a walk with my dog through Bert Flinn every Sunday and would be devestated for it to be taken away from the community.”


  • James and Christiina T. – “We have lived in the same house on April Road for over 30 years. It’s heartbreaking to see what is happening to Port Moody. When we had our dog, we walked through the park almost daily and now some developer wants to ruin it. If some of you could have seen Port Moody when we moved here you would be shocked. It was lovely and barely a car parked on the road. Now it’s a mess.”


  • Wolf S. – “I hike there almost every day with my dog.”


  • Jonathan S. – “It’s a green space in the city.”




  • Youngji K. – “this is one of my favorite park to go to on the weekends to release stress from the week. greenery and calmness make all the difference and can’t lose it.”


  • Kim R. – “I lived in town homes that back onto Bert Flinn Park for year. I enjoyed hiking and taking my dog for walks for year. Even though I have moved to another city, my family and I still regularly visit Bert Flinn Park. This area is an amazing natural area for family to feel safe exploring the great outdoors. This park should remain enacted.”


  • Sebastian D. – “A beautiful natural Park that is quiet and peaceful. It would be a shame if it were destroyed for this new development.”


  • Angie G. – “I teach at Eagle Mountain School and we use the park with our students on a nearly daily basis. Also, I’m just opposed to developing park land on principle.”


  • Jamie B. – “Quiet peaceful place to go with the family.”


  • Marlene D. – “Robust ecosystem, a wonderful natural walking space Where kids can enjoy and learn about nature A place to enjoy ever disappearing green space Off leash dogs can enjoy a good run and fun Excellent biking It’s such a sociable and beautiful place to meet friends and get some oxygen and exercise On and on and on and on. Impossible to duplicate or replace.”


  • Kim R. – “My home is on the corner of David and Heritage mountain Blvd. I can personally see the amount of families each day that use the park.”
  • Anita N. – “The purchase of our current home 17 years ago was largely influenced by the fact that there is a permanent greenbelt behind it. This greenbelt forest is continuous with Bert Flinn park which only added to our home’s appeal. We have spent countless hours simply admiring the ascetic value the park adds to the community as well as wandering the trails within the park. We also value the quiet atmosphere provided by a park uninterrupted by traffic. These are qualities that are increasingly important to preserve as our society because more burdened by population density and traffic. We all need a quiet and natural place to go. We value the peace and beauty of natural greenspace for our own pleasure but also for the home that it provides for the local animal population. There is a necessity to maintain travel corridors for animals who are becoming increasingly stressed by the invasion of humans upon their territories. The local animal populations are continuously confined to smaller islands of greenspace. The consequence of this is their often unwelcome presence in housing neighbourhoods putting them at risk from traffic and animal control actions.”


  • Declan R. – “I use it everyday to get to school. I bike, run, walk, hang with friends in the park. A busy road can mean casualties. Think about how many species we could be killing/displacing this is disgusting.”


  • Patricia H. – “It’s a great park to get away from the city without going far. You can walk, run or bike the trails.”


  • Bahram S. – “It is our true heritage woods, just for this.”


  • Lauren E. – “This little gem is so close to where I live. I love walking the trails. Into the forest I go to lose my mind and free my soul.”


  • Todd E. – “There are homes all around it and it’s a natural way to integrate private nature walks with neighbourhoods.”


  • Aydn L. – “Been riding bikes, and appreciating the beauty of that area for 6 years so far. Would absolutely hate to see any of the trails or natural beauty be disrupted by a road that is absolutely unnecessary. So Many people enjoy this park daily , and I would be disheartened to see this actually happen…”


  • Kelly P. – “Run their with my dog can go door to park in seconds amazing place to walk with my family friendly community park.”


  • Stuart E. – “We need to leave this and more to our children’s children’s children.”


  • Caitlin T. – “It’s the perfect place for walks, runs and the occasional spontaneous adventure. It’s my place I go to think and I often go into Bert, find a nice private place to sit and paint for hours.”


  • Andrea M. – “I love the outdoors and a safe place to let my dog run free. There is nothing like it. My dog cannot be free anywhere else and fenced in dog parks are awful. This is a place where families enjoy time together with and without pets. It is a beautiful refuge in the middle of the busy city. A wonderful escape for parents to exercise while their kids have soccer practice. It is part of what makes Port Moody special. It is one of my favourite places to meet friends.”


  • Jennifer C. – “I love how it is one of the few places left that my family and I can go to feel the peace of nature and not have to drive for an hour to find it.”


  • A getaway for man and beast. (Can you spot the, um, beast?)

    A getaway for man and beast. (Can you spot the, um, beast?)

    Susan S. – “Bert Flinn Park has trails that I can mountain bike on, trails that I can trail run on, and an amazing space to take my dog for a walk (both on leash and off leash). It provides so many options for getting out and enjoying the tranquil and beautiful nature that we are so lucky to have right in the heart of our city. We always come across the nicest & happiest people and dogs there!”


  • Russ A. – “It is why I paid a premium to buy a home on April Road in Pleasantside; close to the water, the trees, deer in my yard. I can walk out my back yard and walk through the park to get back to nature. Nowhere else like it in the lower mainland. Also I pay taxes in Port Moody, not people in Anmore, why upset my neighborhhood to make it easier for them to get to their neighborhood?”


  • Laraine M. – “Love to take the dog there for a walk or run.”


  • Carol K. – “One of the most peaceful, quiet walks in the Port Moody area. The Inlet trail has become very busy . Bert Flynn trail is wide and accommodates many people . The trail is used by the highschool as a safe area to run. It is used by families , dog walkers, bikers and runners. It is a safe trail now but with the addition of a busy street, it will cease to be peaceful ,quiet, or safe.”


  • Sam W. – “I mountain bike and hike through the park every other night.”


  • Marna M. – “As a new mom, Bert Flinn Park was the place I could walk with my new baby in a stroller and with my aging dog; it offered peace, tranquility and a place to connect wtih nature; as my son grew into a toddler and little boy, it was a place for him to discover and explore nature that was close by, accessible and safe. It is a place to meet other families, get exercise and reduce stress. It is a huge reason we moved to this neighbourhood as it represents what matters to this community – a natural setting with much needed space for wildlife, AND a place to nurture our wellbeing.”


  • Aidan G. (teen) – “Fun times, good place to meet up with friends.”


  • Sheena U. – “From the time I moved to Port Moody as a teenager, this park has been my refuge and connection to nature. It has been the site of many key moments of understanding as I’ve grown up, from observing and relishing the beauty of the forest to quiet walks alone to life-changing conversations with friends and family. A road would destroy the character and peace of this place.”


  • Owen K. (teen) – “It is a gorgeous trail that is great for running in a forested area.”


  • Janae D. (teen) – “Not only has this park been beside our high school throughout the years I’ve attended it and been a part of my journey through school, its been a place to find peace and solitude when times get tough and stressful and provides us with not only beauty and nature but a contrast to the hundreds of students and people in close proximity to one another. Without this park, not only would we find our school and neighbourhood much more stressful, but thousands of animals (deers, bear, birds, etc.) would be left without a place to call home as well. Nothing would be the same if this park is no longer protected, and at what point are we going to stop the destruction of beauty and the environment to make room for our synthetic material needs?”


  • Shawne C. – “It is such a peaceful and beautiful place to walk and run. Community members of all ages enjoy it. We need more places of true nature in our lives, not less. We need to protect ourselves and our children from nature deficit. Save this park!”


  • Moira H. – “I am fortunate to live in this beautiful community, enjoy a great quality of life due to the beauty of the trails, and park. I walk through the park with my family every day. The park is located in my backyard and is well used by the neighborhood. Please preserve our greatest asset.”


  • Elaine S. – “Because it’s such a lovely place to walk around in!!”


  • Chris A. – “Mountain biking with our kids. Such a great park with a variety of users.”


  • The proposed roadway would smash through these bike trials.

    The proposed roadway would come through this immediate area of the Park, smashing through a prominent mountain bike trail.

    Celeste C. – “The lower mainland is losing its beautiful trees, parks, and forests almost daily by being demolished for housing. We need to protect these valuable places before we become a concrete jungle!”


  • Amrit S. (teen) – “It’s the only city with mad nature in the middle bringing the citizens together.”


  • Anne S. – “Wonderful walks in nature. Feel like I am really in a different world away from the crazy hectic daily schedule.”


  • Anne J. – “I love the fact that I can feel part of nature, and away from it all, so close to home. It is a place of peace and retreat for me and my family. We walk as a family with our dogs regularly. It a huge piece of this place we call home for our family.”


  • Debbie G. – “I have been walking and running in that park for years. I go through at least three times a week. I live and teach in Port Moody and value the park and all that it offers in our community.”


  • Bowen W. (teen) – “Because it’s what makes port moody, port moody!”


  • Dave C. – “Bert flinn is a beautiful park with many easy (accessible for all) trails and dog “off leash” area. It is unique within this community. Proximity to this particular park was a major influence in our decision to purchase a home in Port Moody. We must not sacrifice precious green-space in the unfortunate hunger to develop. We cannot build more parks once they are gone.”


  • Darren M. – “We need more nature in the world not less. We need bert flinn park because its connection to nature, access to walking, and a place to connect to community, walk our dogs, and enjoy the wilderness. The road would ruin the park and cancel our access to and enjoyment of those things. It would decrease our quality of life in port moody.”


  • Connor M. – “I love bert flint park because it connects me to nature. I love the trees, the birds, the streams, and everything else.”


  • Evyn L. (teen) – “Many animals live in there, people enjoy nature, people walk their dogs everyday, people ride their bikes. iv grown up going in bertflinn.”


  • Ronan F. (under 13) – “Many animals live in there, people enjoy nature, people walk their dogs everyday, people ride their bikes. iv grown up going in bertflinn.”


  • Tamryn G. – “I love hiking through Bert Flinn with my family and puppy or on my own when I need a little me time. I love the tranquil setting and having it so close to my home is a bonus.”


  • Forest floor, Bert Flinn Park

    Forest floor, Bert Flinn Park

    Amanda W. – “One of the last places where dogs can be dogs!”


  • Malcolm M. – “I like to ride my mountain bike on the trails in Bert Flinn.”


  • Leslie B. – “I use Bert Flynn park all the time with my family and our dog. The beauty and serenity of it should not be destroyed.”
  • Peter H. – I have lived on Hett Creek drive in port moody for 14 years right beside Bert Flinn Park. To have a busy road right beside us would ruin the park. Our former Mayor of Port Moody Rick Marsyk and neighbor saved the park when the school was put up, they tore down all the trees and made the road to n where . I wish Rick Marsyk was still with us to help save the park from the busy road.
  • Serge P. – Perfect place for peacefulness and fresh air.


  • Akemi K. – Love taking my dogs out to Bert Flinn off leash trails.


  • Simona P. – Best place to bring your dog! I also love the trails. So beautiful and tranquil.


  • Lilian P. – Beautiful place to walk and listen to the birds. Had a very special walk on Christmas day with all the festive enhancement made by all.


  • Brendan G. – I live seconds from it, the top of my street use to be the trail head before it was a full on park, my neighbour built the original trail route.


  • Duhane L. – We don’t have enough natural and green space in our cities.


  • Ellen S. – I want to preserve it for the wildlife and people’s enjoyment. Automobile use is going to decrease in the coming years.


  • Anton – We use Bert Flinn Park almost daily on dog walks, runs, hikes and trail bike rides. I run into other park users on a daily basis. We are so lucky here to have such a beautiful park in our community. You wouldn’t see the citizens of Vancouver agreeing to a another thoroughfare in their Stanley Park (and I don’t blame them). Why should we allow it?


  • Annalise D. – Bert Flinn has always been a great spot to feel the great outdoors, relatively close to home.


  • Megan E. – I use the park 4+ times a week to run with my dog off leash. The park offers me somewhere safe to run (ie enough people to respond to cries for help), that feels, smells & sounds like wilderness. i don’t know where i would run without it to be honest?…….


  • Bradley G. – Bert Flinn park is a biodiverse place where a whole community goes to relax, exercise, and gain an appreciation for nature which will inspire us to live sustainably in the future.


  • Edmond H. – Bert Flinn Park is an escape from the busy world that students and families alike use to get some peace and quiet now and again. It wouldn’t feel like Port Moody unless we had Bert Flinn.


  • Tammy L. – I love to go for walks with my dog. Love the trees, the natural habitat. Enjoy going for runs with my daughters, walks with my friends. My kids go to Heritage Woods Secondary and they do their “Forest Run” through the park for Gym. It is a very beautiful peaceful tranquil place to go. I love the creeks on the sides, and walking through the trails in the winter and enjoying the sight of the frozen ponds. I love the trees and trails. Clean air!


  • Lauren H. – Always enjoyed nature walks through the forest since I was little. It’s a beautiful area of forestry to admire the beauty nature. Peaceful getaway place when in need of quiet. It is a great place for a run


  • Lane D. (teen) – It’s a great place to relax and just walk through some beautiful nature.


  • Hannah H. (teen) – I enjoy taking pictures in the forest and also going to walks in the trails.


  • Brendan D. – Adventurous place to be!


  • Hiker in Bert Flinn Park

    Clear air, abundant wildlife, and a lovely quiet in this place.

    Maddy K. (teen) – I have been walking through that park since I was a baby, my whole family mountain bikes through the trails there, nice chill area.


  • Janet K. – It is our nature!


  • Cameron N. – I believe we should strive to keep our natural green spaces preserved. These parks are what make Port Moody such a beautiful place to live.


  • Graham M. – Tranquil, beautiful and unspoiled (currently) park in the heart of Port Moody; what’s not to love?


  • Krista L. – Family walks in nature. The reason I chose to live in the area of Port Moody that I do.


  • Olga V. – It’s our nature we should take care of it and we don’t want Canada to turn into second China where you cannot breath normally because the air is polluted.


  • Sean R. – Bert flinn park is a place of outstanding natural beauty, people from all over come to enjoy it, its diverse ecosystem would be in danger if developers put in a main highway.


  • Colleen B. – I love bringing my dog to Bert Flynn Park. It is an amazing off leash area where both her and I can enjoy our time spent there. I have been coming to Bert Flynn for the past 17 years and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness it provides. This area soothes my soul and provides my dog with an opportunity to run free and get lots of exercise. It makes me sad to think this wonderous setting is in danger of being destroyed.


  • Lora F. – This is a great area for walking, for exercising pets, for biking. and most of all, is a safe haven for wildlife. A highway through this park would compromise the tranquility that exists here currently. I don’t mind a little inconvenience with the summer traffic along Ioco Road. I am very much opposed to opening up this park in any way. This is a jewel to be protected for future generations.




  • Lailan R. – Its such a great place for a hike!


  • Telmo A. – I have moved to Vancouver 4 years ago and I have been living in Coquitlam for a little bit more than 3 years. Since I moved to the tri-cities area, my partner and I love to take our dog to Bert Flinn Park and walk around the trail. It is a beautiful place to come and enjoy nature.


  • Brian E. – We hike through the park at least 3 times per week for exercise. We also note that it is a designated dog park and as such the park is frequented by many other Port Moody and Coquitlam residences who park on Heritage Mountain boulevard and walk their dogs and themselves daily through this park area. There is no other green space in Port Moody that provides this level of open park area to be used, which is why it is frequented by so many people even outside of the direct local residences. As such we need to preserve this green space, as once it is developed, it will be gone for good.


  • Kane P. – Port Moody is an active outdoors community. Bert Flynn provides a safe, close to home area where families can go to be active.


  • Colleen F. – I’m all about save the green space. We continue to have urban sprawl and towers soaring upward. Keep the latter and keep the green. Where will the families go when they live in towers with little open spaces to go. It’s there back yard too.


  • Kim M. – Our family cherishes this beautiful park. The sounds of frogs, birds, squirrels, and the occasional larger wildlife sighting melt away stress and the worries of the world outside the park. We must preserve this vital ecological area for future generations, as well as our present wellbeing.


  • Savannah B. (teen) – because it’s a beautiful place that my friends and I love to go and hang out at and just explore


  • Chelsea H. – I’m a new mountain biker and Bert Flinn Park is crucial to continuing cycling in our community. I see so many kids out on their bikes riding in Bert Flinn and in the day and age of cell phones and video games, anything to get kids outside is a huge priority.


  • Adrian S. – My dogs cannot sign this petition so I will for them.


  • Judith L. – I walk my dogs up there and enjoy the fresh mountain air everyday. I love the walk in the woods and the smell of nature. Please don’t take this away from the residents of Port Moody!


  • Paul F. – Our family values the wonderful park in our community, the Bert Flinn Park. It allows our entire community to enjoy and appreciate this mature forest, quiet solitude and is legacy that we need to preserve for our children and their children. How many times have we seen neighborhoods spiral down over the years at the hands of development or so called progress at the time only to recognize years later that the price was too high. We need to put families first and stop this commercial development. We have a unique opportunity here, please preserve this beautiful park for generations to come.


  • Isabel H. (teen) – because it is a home away from home; 30 seconds after walking down the trail you feel like you are in the heart of the lush forest. the thought that there is a city less than a kilometre away does not exist in bert Flinn. Plus it has lots of really cool trees.


  • Dennis C. – This is a treasured beautiful piece of land that was the main reason why I chose to live in Port Moody. I use it frequently for walks with my family. Please do not destroy the tranquility of this place! B.Immediately and permanently annex the Park’s old roadbed and fully incorporate it into the Park lands protected from further development


  • Stacey M. – Its my sanctuary, I walk my dogs daily .


  • Karla C. – I love taking my son for nature walks through that Park. To hear that it is going to be another roadway breaks my heart. I think we have torn down enough forest area in Port Moody for condos and townhouses over the last ten years, we do not need to sacrifice another beautiful landscape for a road.


  • Janet B. – Bert Flinn is an essential parkway and trail system that services our community. We have very few alternate resources to turn to that would provide the same amenities and options as Bert Flinn. Bert Flinn is used by school students, youth, adults and seniors alike, for many leisure and fitness activities. These amenities are limited and must be saved.


  • Alison K. – We love to walk our dog through the Park every weekend to enjoy the wonderful trails and the tranquil forest. We always meet up with our old friends and have made many new ones during our walks. There is a great sense of community at the park and it would be such a shame to have it irreversibly altered with the traffic of an expressway. Bert Flinn Park is a true jewel in Port Moody and we dearly wish to preserve it forever.


  • Chris P. – Perfect all-ages place for biking, walking and dogs.


  • Justin K. – Our family loves Bert Flinn Park for its pristine, natural beauty so close in proximity to our home. It is a family friendly park and we walk out dog on the 2.5km trail twice per day during daylight savings and once per day the rest of the year. Loss of this area would be devastating for Port Moody and the surrounding area.


  • Mercia T. – I walk my sons to preschool through Bert Flinn park and I love how it is not only peaceful but it is a place where I run into friends and others from our community enjoying the nature. Although I am worried about losing the park because, yes, a road through the park is the equivalent of losing it, I hold trust that our elected representatives will properly represent the PoMo citizens and fight to protect the area from the proposed development.


  • Matt T. – What is not to love? The beautiful, old trees that line the trail, the quietness of the forest, the fact that our two young kids can immerse themselves in nature only minutes from our house…Bert Flinn is a special place that needs to be protected.


  • Johanna K. – I use this park every day for exercise and to walk my dog. My son and his friends use the trails for mountain biking. To lose it would be a terrible thing for the Tri-City community.


  • Alicia A. (teen) – It’s a beautiful park that lots of people find pleasure in. It would be a shame to see it get torn down only to build a path through it, when the path could easy be built somewhere else.


  • James M. (teacher) – I’m a teacher and value that my students have access to this natural forested area. Please keep our natural areas intact!


  • Tammie B. – I love all parks, and this one is no exception. I like to take my kid there mountain biking, my dog there for walking. It is so accessible and so lovely. There is too much development everywhere. Please do not let foreign investors, who care nothing about our land and its beauty, take that away from its citizens.


  • Brianne F. (teen) – Bert Flinn Park is a direct gateway to the natural world. walking through Bert Flinn reminds me that the forest is our true home and what had protected us for as long as man kind has stood, and deserves our protection in return.


  • Chantal G. – My family and I go to Bert Flinn Park on a weekly basis to walk our dog and for mountain biking.


  • Lisa B. – we have enjoyed the park/woods since we moved here 20 years ago – before it officially became a park. I always enjoy the wildlife sightings… various songbirds, woodpeckers, owls, as well as the occasional deer. However, the best, best part is the peacefulness, time to enjoy quiet thoughts in such an urban area is the most treasured part of Bert Flynn.


  • Kenneth L. – Dog walking, exercise and bike route to Buntzen Lake.


  • Global TV estimated the Bert Flinn Park Rally in June at 300-400 attendees, who showed up on a rainy day after less than 10 days advance notice. This crowd is passionate about preserving Bert Flinn!

    Global TV estimated the Bert Flinn Park Rally in June at several hundred attendees, who showed up on a rainy day after only a few days advance notice. This crowd is passionate about preserving the special character of Bert Flinn as a nature park!

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